Marseille to Ajaccio, Corsica

After a few days in Marseille we made the next transit to Ajaccio in Corsica. Another overnighter, 170 miles. this time in calm weather, motor sailing all the way. With an extra crew member – Becky we were able to stand shorter shorter night watches.

The approach to Corsica is dramatic with jagged snow capped peaks rising above the horizon.  As the sun came up the sea was flat calm and dolphins heralded our approach to the island.

We stayed a couple of days in Ajaccio. Checked out the house where Napoleon was born. Such a little man who caused so much trouble!

Screen Shot 05-03-18 at 01.15 PM


Tied up in Ajaccio. A rib goes past towing a line of dinghies with kids learning to sail!
With the Emperor

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