Ajaccio to Bonifacio

Finally we got to sail, with a 45 mile leg from Ajaccio to Bonifacio. The sea was calm and we sailed under a blue sky with only 7-8 kts of wind on the beam. Despite the lack of wind we decided to sail a flew the big code 0 foresail. At one point with just 7.6 kts of wind we were making 6.6 kts through the water.

The entrance to Bonifacio is a little disconcerting. You appear to be sailing straight towards a cliff face. Only when you get closer you can see the entrance with high cliff walls on either side.

On entering the harbour we were given a special treat. A Frenchman sitting in the cockpit of his boat played a beautiful baroque rendition of Rule Britannia as we sailed past. I will admit to a surge of pride even through we were sailing a French designed boat which was built in america, none the less boldly flying the red ensign!

Bonifacio was beautiful, especially at night with the floodlit castle guarding the harbour entrance.

Screen Shot 05-03-18 at 01.27 PM

Flying the code 0 as we approach Bonifacio
The rugged coastline of west Corsica

On a beam reach – 6.6 kts through the water with 7.6 kts of wind!

Entering through the gap in the cliffs

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