Bonifacio to Cala Santa Maria

A short 17 mile sail across the straights of Bonifacio to an island in northern Sardinia. It started of with light winds and we trundled along at 4-5 knots on a flat sea. As we neared Santa Maria the wind quickly rose to 20 knots and we had to wind in the big code zero foresail.

Anchoring in tbe bay took about three attempts as we had to find a patch with a sandy bottom as it is forbidden to anchor where there is sea grass. The anchorage was idyllic with water
so clear we could see our anchor on the bottom and the boat’s shadow. We took a run ashore the next morning in the dinghy and walked around the island, which is a nature reserve. A really beautiful place and well worth the visit.

First run ashore in the new dinghy
A brightly coloured inhabitant of the island
Aquamarine water!
Acheron at anchor from the hill overlooking the bay

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