Cagliari to Milazzo

Arrived in Milazzo, Sicily at 13:00 yesterday after a 300 mile two day voyage. Very little or no wind most of the way so we had to motor a large part of it.

The highlight of the journey was sailing past the islands of Ustica, Alucudi and Filicudi. We passed Ustica early evening on the 7th of May and turned off the engine while we had dinner, drifting downwind at 2-4 knots, being pulled along by the big code 0 foresail. The sea was flat calm and we were amazed to sea that Alicudi which is an extinct volcano sticking straight up out of the sea was covered in houses hanging precariously to the steep slopes.

I have to say that there is no greater pleasure than sailing downwind on a gentle breeze, gliding past stunning scenery with glass of wine in hand!

I took 04:00 to 08:00 watch the next morning and witnessed a magnificent sunrise as we passed Filicudi.

Although we had planned to go to the island of Lipari we decided in the end to head for Milazzo on the Sicilian mainland as the harbour offered better shelter and facilities.

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