Buzzing around Lefkada

Whilst on the Greek island of Lefkada Alex had the brilliant idea of hiring scooters so we could go and explore. I must admit that it’s a few years since I have been on two wheels!

The island is very mountainous and we spent a lot of time negotiating hairpin bends. Still the views were worth it. We made it 40 kilometres to the south of the island and I was impressed with how green and beautiful it was. Beaches with blue blue sea, tree clad hills, pencil pines and cute villages clinging to impossibly steep hillsides!

Unfortunately once we got to the south of the island it decided to rain, and we had to ride 40 kilometres back to Lefkas getting completely drenched, going over mountains in not much more than shorts and tee shirts. The next morning I awoke with a screaming ear ache and got to experience Greek medical services which were extremely efficient!

Next stop Athens, via the Corinth Canal.

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