Astipalaia to Tilos

Another day, another island. We set of early again and got to our chosen anchorage at Tilos by 16:00. According to all the various weather apps I had consulted the bay, which was open to the south would be completely sheltered from the westerly wind. Not true! No sooner had we dropped anchor than the wind was gusting to 15-20 knots in the bay, and we could see that if it continued that way it would become untenable. So we hauled up the anchor and headed around to Livadhia, sailing past impressive cliffs on the way. We experienced heavy gusts and dramatic changes in wind direction as we went around the southern tip of the island with tbe wind always managing to be on our nose! Coming up to Livadia, which looked like a very sheltered harbour, the wind seem to be increasing, funnelling down and around the mountains. We finally got anchored in the bay and took the dinghy ashore for some provisions and a walk around the pretty bustling little town.


This was our last Greek island before Turkey, and it was easy to how it would be possible to spend years exploring this area, each island having it’s own unique character, rather like the western isles in Scotland.

Astipalaia to Tilos 63NM, 11:19 hours


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