Tilos to Marmaris

The final leg to Turkey. We were originally going to head straight to Kas where I had an annual berth reserved, but a problem with our water system necessitated a visit to the Jeanneau agent in Marmaris.

The sailing was uneventful with good wind to start with. It fell off in the afternoon and we motor sailed tbe last few miles, conscious that we needed to clear customs and immigration and get into the marina before 18:00.

The first thing that strikes you when you see this part of Turkey is how green it is. The Greek islands are fairly barren and rocky, whereas the mountains of Turkey are are green and by the time you get to Marmaris quite lush.

We had a bit of a drama trying to tie up at the customs pier. There were only two small pontoons suitable for yachts and both were occupied to we had to tie up at the ferry pier, a large stone wall with tractor tyres for fenders. Somehow in the process we managed to bust our starboard navigation light. The only damage to the boat in the whole 1636 NM that we covered from Canet en Roussillon in France to Turkey.

Mustafa the customs agent sorted all our paperwork including the transit log, required by the Turkish authorities which defines the cruising area and crew list.

We stayed at the Albatros Marina in Marmaris over the weekend and got our water pump fixed. It turned out the the low flow from the galley tap and shower heads was caused by blue plastic swarf blocking a valve located before the main water filter. We had cleaned the water filter and had not realised that the pipework before it also had a constriction. Tbe blue swarf came from tbe water tanks and is apparently a common problem with Jeanneau’s.

Greg and Leanne, my new Aussie friends!

I didn’t much like Marmaris. Too busy, noisy and full of package holiday tourists. We made friends with some Aussies on a neighbouring cat in the marina, but otherwise I was glad to sail to Gocek.

Tilos to Marmaris 58NM, 11:07 hours


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