Karacaoeren Bay, a little bit of Heaven on Earth

After the crew change in Gocek we headed south with the intention of making our way to Kas where I had an annual berth reserved. It was only 14 miles to our first stop and we had an idyllic sail with just enough wind on a virtually flat sea. For once being a late riser had a benefit. Typically there is not much wind first thing in the morning but by 11:00 AM there is usually a descent breeze. This continues till around 3:00 PM when the wind dies off. So for easy no stress cruising pick 15-20 mile legs, have a leisurely breakfast, head out late morning and drop your anchor at around 15-16:00 ! Once you are anchored, don your swimmies (or not) and jump off the bow into clear aquamarine warm water. Usually so clear you can see your anchor!

Grace in her happy place!

This is pretty much what we did. When we reached Karacaoeren bay we were greeted by a handsome smiling fellow in a skiff who informed us we could tie up to a mooring bouy if we went to the restaurant. He helped us tie up and then collected later that evening to take us to what I can only describe as the most charming and rustic restaurant I have ever encountered. The food was wonderful with their own chicken, eggs and vegetables, and fresh baked bread from on open fired oven. After dinner, the owner Can Can, invited us to sit with him and his family, and over a glass of raki he told us about his life. The property had been in his family for three generations. His father had been a sponge diver, until two weeks after Chernobyl all the sponges died. Due to Turkish planning laws they were not able to construct any permanent building so the whole structure of the restaurant was wooden, standing on stilts.

John, the owner of the restaurant collects us from our boat!

That evening we witnessed an amazing sunset looking across the bay to an impressive mountain with a sheer rock summit.

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