Winter in Kas

After a couple of months in the UK catching up with family and friends I am back on the boat in Kas. On my own I thought it would be a rather lonely experience, but actually it’s not. It’s very rare to pass a day when one is not invited onto someone’s boat for coffee or a glass of wine, and there always seems to be at least one night a week where a group of live aboards get together for a shared meal. In addition to all the yachties there are also a few overlanders who have stopped in Kas on their way to such far flung destinations as South Africa and Mongolia. Their lifestyle is not so different to the cruising yachtsman, except they are doing it on land in a 4 wheel drive truck with a camper cab on the back.

Rob in the back of his 4WD truck, heading for South Africa

I can honestly say that life here is pretty good and definitely more varied and socially diverse than what one experience over a typical Scottish winter in Dundee. Kas is also fortunate to be slap in the middle of the Lycian way. A coastal path that runs for several hundred kilometers from Fethiye to Finike. The path is pretty rugged in places, but offers stunning views of mountains, bays and islands as it winds it’s way along the coast.

I now have a scooter. A rather fancy looking bright blue Yamaha NMAX155. It’s great for whizzing into town for errands and catching up with friends who are berthed in the town harbour.

Let the good times roll!

A great benefit of living here is that Kas has a plethora of small restaurants that offer great food at prices which are hardly more than the cost of the ingredients. Given that I can’t cook to save my life, I generally only have dinner on the boat when its raining/blowing and I just want to hunker down in the saloon with some baked salmon, a glass of sauv blanc and Netflix!

So today I got up around 10:30, cooked myself bacon and egg and listened to the BBC world service courtesy of Alexa. Then I jumped on the scooter and headed into town. Saw my GP (great just to be able to WhattsApp the doc and get an appointment the same day) who gave me a homeopathic remedy for a sore throat – belladonna. Then down to the town harbour to see Barry and Aansha on their boat, have a cup of tea and look at their latest video blog which is about to go out on youtube. I shot some drone footage a few days previously of them moving their boat which they have used in their blog. Barry and Aansha are Aussies overwintering in Kas before they set off for Greece in March. We have become fast friends and I will be sorry to see them go. They are a middle aged couple who decided to sell their house near Brisbane, buy a boat and sail around the world. Fair enough you might say, but they made their decision without ever actually having sailed before. After selling their house they flew to Gibraltar and did their skipper’s course, then bought a Jeanneau 45.1 and with around 10 days sailing experience they sailed from Gibraltar to Turkey. That is a very ballsy thing to do! If you want to get a good idea of what liveaboard life is really like forget Delos or La Vagabond – subscribe to AB Sea Sailing! Can watch their excellent YouTube videos here:

With Barry, Aansha and Rob on A B Sea

After tea with Bazz and Aansha I stooped at a cafe for a Donner Durun (spicy chicken with vegetables in a pastry wrap for 10 lira – £1.30). Then back to the boat to do a couple of jobs. However they didn’t get done because I ended up chatting to Jens who lives on his Moody 425 just opposite me on B pontoon. I was treated to his special homemade lentil soup and he told me about the crime novel he is writing. He used to be a journalist in Berlin. Now he lives on his boat in Kas and writes articles for German sailing magazines to keep the penny jar full. His crime novel is set in Kas. The hero is of course a German ex journalist who lives on a Moody 425. Some of the other characters include Russian gangsters and a porn star. I can’t wait to read the book! Jens is a larger than life character himself, usually seen sitting in his cockpit with a coffee and a cigarette, looking like a U-Boat captain on his weekend off.

Jens, the John Le Carre of Kas

Tonight it’s a bit blowy so I will wander across to the Passerelle Restaurant for some baked sea bass and a G&T, then back to the boat to watch another episode of Narcos.

It’s blowing again tomorrow, so will try and get the boat jobs done – fixing low friction tape under the companion way hatch and and wiring up the TV to the Bose sound system. The weather looks better on Friday so I hope to get out for a day sail, and at some point I need to fly the drone again to take some photos of the top of a friend’s mast.

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