A Pleasant Day Out

After a lot of wind and rain we are starting to get some nice sunny days. So it was good to be able to throw off the mooring lines and take Acheron out for a spin. Along for the ride were my Aussie friends Barry and Aansha, and a dutch couple, Kim and Geel..

Acheron stretches her legs!

We had a great sail to a nearby bay and dropped the anchor for lunch. Kim and Geel went for a dip, which I thought was very brave as the water was only 20 degrees C, but they pronounced it to be lovely and warm! I took the opportunity to fly my drone from the boat for the first time. Take off from the foredeck was no problem but landing required some concentration as the autoland function cannot be used. This is because the drone will fly back and land at the exact GPS position that it took off from. Fine if you are on land. However the boat swings on it’s anchor so if this function is used the drone will most likely land in the sea! So the drone has to be landed manually by getting it to hover within arms reach of someone standing on the foredeck ready to grab one of the legs. Drones do not float and are not waterproof so there is no second chance!

Lunch. Enjoying some home made chocolate cake!

Kim and Geel had never sailed before, and they both loved the experience and I suspect that in a few years time they will swap their Mercedes bus for a yacht. After lunch we pulled up the anchor, and had an exhilarating sail back, the wind having obligingly changed direction to give us a fast beam reach most of the way home.

Never get tired of the wonderful clear blue water!

The next day sail we will probably head over to the Greek island of Kastellerizo, only 4 miles away and anchor in the bay there. We are fortunate to have some lovely locations a short distance away with sheltered sailing in most conditions.

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