Lunch in Kastellorizo

Out for a daysail again. This time around the Greek island of Kastellorizo, which is only 4NM away from Kas. We set out at midday, and it looked as though we might be motoring due to the lack of wind, butt as soon as we got out towards the east side of Kastellorizo the wind picked u p and we had a nice beam reach down the west coast making 5-7 kts. When we reached the southern end of the island we jibed and headed north along the east coast. It’s a nice little island to sail around.

Sailing down the west coast of Katellorizo with Rob, Barry and Aansha 

We dropped anchor in the main harbour and had lunch. The town itself was a bit of a ghost town, with a few kids running about. Otherwise no sign of life! All of the shops and cafes appeared to be closed. However it is obviously a delightful little place in the summer, once the tourist season gets going.

Heading back we didn’t have a lot of wind so motored about half the way, and sailed the last bit around the Kas peninsular.


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