Goat and Chips

When I checked out of Turkey earlier this year the first stop was the small island of Agathonisi. Just a few miles from Didim where we left Turkey. We were able to sail late morning and still be anchored in the harbour early afternoon

The harbour is big enough to swing free on the anchor, but small enough to be able to sit in the cockpit and watch what’s going on in the town just 60 metres away.

We watched the ferry come in and disgourge its content: backpackers, locals who had gone to Samos for shopping, army reservists and an orthodox priest. He looked very impressive in his long black robes and cylindrical hat. I watched him stride down the jetty and ensconce himself in a cafe where he spent an hour drinking coffee and chatting pretty much to everyone who came and went. He seemed to know everyone and everyone knew him.

In the evening we took the dinghy to the quayside and enjoyed goat and chips in George’s Taverna. George was married to a german woman who had come there 30 years ago as tourist. The food was basic but tasty, washed down with cheap wine served in a glass tumbler. No frills, or fancy menus, but completely brilliant.