After a few days in Samos we headed west across the Cyclades. The Aegean has some 6000 islands of which 277 are inhabited. So it’s like a big pond full of stepping stones. You can make a million different permutations as to how you cross the pond, whether you zig zag or go straight. Each stone in the pond has it’s own unique character, history and charm. You can wander here your whole life and bever get bored.

Swinging on a mooring buoy in Kladharidhi

We stopped here as it offered a convenient anchorage as we headed west and discovered a gem of an island with only one little town. The anchorage turned out to be a bit tricky to find a good spot to lay the anchor with good holding. Fortunately we found a mooring buoy and tied up to that. There was also a stone pier that we might have tied up to but it was fully occupied.

The town was in the next bay and it was a nice stretch up an over the hill to get there. Far enough to feel you had earned your Alpha beer when you arrived!

Heading over the hill from the anchorage to the town

On the way down the other side of the hill to the town we passed a beautiful orthodox church. The blue domes and whitewashed walls stand out, but somehow are in perfect sympathy with the sky, sea and land.

Looking across to the island of Thymania
The local town
29 NM from Samos to Phourni