After Phourni we continued west to Paros, stopping briefly in Irkaria (of Icarus fame) and Mykonos. We were picking up a new crew member in Paros so for once had a bit of a schedule to work to rather than just following our noses.

Phourni to Ikaria 21 NM

We stopped in Evdilos in Ikaria overnight. A sleepy little town with not much going on, and then the next day headed for a large bay on the north side of Mykonos as the wind was uncharacteristically blowing from the south. We had a stonking sail there with plenty of wind on the beam and were making nearly 8 knots at times.

Ikaria to Mykonos – 42 NM

Beam reach from Ikaria to Mykonos

Sunset, Panormos bay, Mykonos

The anchorage in Panormos bay was spectacular ! We stayed a couple of nights and then headed to Paros to rendevous with Lindsay who was joining the boat for 10 days.

Mykonos to Paros 33 NM

Lindsay had been driving around Greece in her camper van and had seen on Crewbay that we were looking for an extra crew member so she volunteered and for a few days became an excellent addition to the ships compliment!

It  turned out that Lindsay had been to Paros some 20 years previously with her mum on holiday and loved it so much had decided to stay. She spent the winter there doing various jobs and was overwhelmed by the kindness of the islanders who looked out for her. So it was somewhat of an emotional return for her. She gave me a bit of a guided tour of the town including a visit to a beautiful byzantine church – Panaya of Ekatontapiliani.

Panaya of Ekatontapiliani Church

As with a couple of other churches I have visited in the Greek islands this place definitely had a great sense of holiness and mystery which just seemed to be seeping through the walls.









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