Paros – Sikinos – Ios

After our stop in Paros to pick up Lindsay we decided to head to Sikinos,  which Alex and I had visited in 2018 on our way across the Aegean to Turkey. We remembered it as a delightful sleepy wee island and we were keen to take another look at it.

As it turned out our happy memories of Sikinos in 2018 were not to be repeated. Last time we managed to tie up along the town quay in the only harbour, but when we attempted it this time we ran aground in the very shallow harbour before we could get to the quay. So we ended up anchoring in the bay and had an extremely uncomfortable rolly night. So much so that at 06:00 we hauled up the anchor and headed for Ios. The problem was the the wind and the swell was coming from the south and so the swell was rolling straight into the bay at Ormos Skala. There wasn’t much wind so we motored straight to the southern tip of Ios where we reckoned we might find a swell free anchorage. The first one we wentt to, Ormos Manganari was suffering from the same swell as Sikinos so we motored around the headland to the south east side Treis Klisies where we found a superb empty bay with no swell! The setting was magnificent although there were no tavernas ashore, Just a couple of small beaches and a deserted villa.

Paros – Sikinos – Ios 50 NM

After anchoring we took a run ashore to one of the beaches in the dinghy. Lindsay had been admiring my 2019 calendar and volunteered to model for the 2020 edition so we took some cameras and got some great images including my first artnude drone shot.

The following morning we were treated to the spectacle of a super yacht anchoring close by and tying back to the rocks near the bay we had been to the previous day. Once they were secure they launched a rib which went to the beach. To our surprise when they got there 2 guys jumped out and promptly started raking the beach. Then they picked up the rubbish, bagged it and threw the bag in the bushes. After that they sped back to the super yacht and returned to unload and set up a line of deck chairs and parasols. By this time we could here the passengers talking on the deck of the super yacht Six very loud Americans. The rib headed back and collected them and delivered them to the beach so they could have their midday swim. How the other half (or 1%) lives! A bit of googling revealed that the charter rate for the boat was 225,000 euros per week, not including fuel, food and drink!