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We had a cracking sail from Iraklia to Naousa in Paros with good wind on the beam and then on the quarter for the last leg .As we came around the north of Paros under sail we were confronted with a party cat. It was motoring and the ‘crew’ were all sunbathing and listening to music on deck, not paying the slightest attention to where they were going. They were heading straight for us down the fairly narrow channel between Paros and a small island to the north. We patiently waited for them to change course. Power gives way to sail or so we thought! In any case we were close hauled and would have to tack to avoid them. They got to within about a 100 metres and saw us just in time for me to avoid an emergency tack to get out of their way.

Iraklia to Naousa, Paros 28NM

When we had been in Paros a few days previously we had tied up on the town quay in Paroikia. This time we decided to head to Naousa which in the north of the island. Naousa sits at the south end of a huge bay. It’s a lovely little town with a small marina and lots of nice shops and restaurants. Unfortunately there was no room in the marina so we anchored in the bay.

Anchored outside Naousa

The next day I hired a quad bike and set of around Paros with Lindsay as a tour guide and model. We went to the lovely little town of Lefkes and on the way back negotiated some truly hair raising mountain tracks with the quad bike threatening to tip over at times. Quad bikes look great but they are noisy and hard work to drive as you literally have to haul them around corners. If you do hire one make sure it’s at least 250 CC or it won’t have enough power to climb hills, especially two up.

Feeling on top of the world

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