From Naousa we headed north to visit the famous island of Delos. There wasn’t much wind, but sailed the first 5 miles before we admitted defeat and put the motor on.

Nauosa to Delos 19NM

We anchored in the channel between Delos and Rinia, but there was quite a current running through so after an hour or so we heaved up the anchor and sailed to the large bay in South Rinia which had both good holding and good all round shelter. The next day we weighted anchor and motored to a bay we had spotted on Delos that was just a mile south of the ancient site and had plenty of room to swing. Once anchored we launched the dinghy and took the short trip to the archaeological site.

The site is pretty impressive with lots of columns and statues and well worth a visit!

We also managed a bit of arty photography on South Rinia, and found a hilltop overlooking Delos with the remains of some marble columns.

Anchored in South Rinia. The team ( Alex and Lindsay) look pretty happy!

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