Mykonos: fouled prop and salsa practice

After the delights of ancient Delos it was time to head up to Mykonos for a crew change. I was sorry to see Alex go as I couldn’t have wished for a more competent, cheerful crewman.

Alex. Crewmen par excellence!
South Bay, Rinia to Mykonos 13 NM

Mykonos, in my opinion has little to commend itself other than it has an international airport. The main town is a tourist nightmare, mobbed with Americans and Chinese who are transported there in their thousands by cruise ships. The only marina is small, with poor facilities and a dangerous fuel dock. This is because the fuel dock is exposed to all the passing traffic from yachts, motor boats and cruise ships and the wash from these slams your boat up against the concrete jetty as you are trying to refuel. We actually had to abandon it before we could take on fuel. As we motored out of the harbour to anchor off I noticed that there seemed to be a judder from the prop. When we subsequently went back int o the marina this became much worse and we only just managed to get onto the berth. It turned out that a large sheet of black plastic had got wrapped around the prop. I fished out several large pieces with a boat hook, and found others semi submerged floating around the harbour.

Nasty stuff to get wrapped around your prop!

We were in Mykonos for three days and Alex and Lindsay did a great job of cleaning the boat, with breaks to practice their salsa technique!

Salsa practice. Acheron provides the sound system!
Alex and Lindsay cleaning the hull