New crew, a smelly anchorage and a mermaid

I spent a couple of days in Porto Rafti, did some shopping and finally got a gas refill after trailing around several places with a helpful taxi driver. Holly and Lesley arrived and we set off for Andros. Holly is a fine art figure model and I had worked with her on many photo projects over the years.

We decided to break the voyage to Andros in half by stopping in Karistou which is at the southern end of Nisos Evoia. The winds were light but we managed some good sailing before motoring into a nice sheltered bay to the south west of Karistou. It was completely empty and had good holding. So we dropped the anchor and poured ourselves a drink, congratualting ourselves on a good first days sailing and finding such a perfect spot. Then a disgusting smell wafted over us. It was coming from the land and a brief study of google earth showed a satellite image of a sewage treatment works on the hill overlooking us! It took us about ten seconds to figure out that we couldn’t possibly stay there so we pulled up the anchor and motored to the bay next to to the town. We just stopped there one night and then headed the next morning to Andros.

Porto Rafti – Karistou – Andros 42 NM

The weather was perfect with plenty of wind and a flat sea and we had a terrific sail across to Ormos Fellos on the north east end of Andros. There was a submarine cable marked on the chart running right through the middle of the bay so we anchored well away in the eastern corner. We didn’t want to be responsible for putting the lights out in Andros!

Holly had brought with her a mermaid tail which we had ordered from a specialist supplier in the US. The plan was to get some fun images for my 2020 calendar above and below water.

Holly tries out the mermaid tail for the for the first time

So the next morning Holly donned her tail and we headed ashore in the dinghy for some rocks nearby which looked like just the kind of place a mermaid might bask in the sun. I think we got some good results!

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