Seriphos: Stormy Weather

Syros to Seriphos 29NM

From Syros, another leg south to Seriphos. The bay of the main town of Livadi is huge, but the holding is pretty doubtful so we tied back onto the concrete jetty on the outside of the harbour. This proved to be a mistake. The next morning I awoke to the sound of the stern grinding against the jetty. The wind had got up to 30 knots and our anchor was dragging and we were being pushed back onto the concrete. After messing about for an hour trying pull in the anchor a bit we decided there was no option but to cast off and motor into the bay and anchor there. This we did but it took 5 attempts to get the anchor to hold. By then it was early afternoon and we sat in the cockpit and watched a stream of charter boats careering into the bay, go into the harbour, come out again and try and get their anchor into the weedy bottom. This was quite entertaining until one of them managed to pull up our anchor! The yacht was from Dream Yacht Charter! How quickly in sailing the dream turns into a nightmare! We found ourselves locked in an embrace with the german boat drifting towards some nasty looking ballast on the harbour wall. In the nick of time they managed to free our anchor from their chain and we made the decision to head to another bay a few miles away that promised more shelter and better holding.

If you zoom in you can see our chain hooked around their anchor.

It was a pretty bumpy ride with the wind hitting 40-45 knots but when we got there the bay was practically empty and there was a nice sandy bottom to dig our anchor in. There we stayed for the next 2 days while the storm blew out.

Riding out the storm in Koutalas, Seriphos