Milos and Kimolos

When the wind eventually abated we headed south again to Milos. We had good wind on our quarter to start with, but it dropped off and we motored the last few miles.

Seriphos to Milos 27NM

The main town in Milos, Adamas sported a decent pontoon with water and electricity so we tied up there with the luxury of a lazy line for the bow. It was a good opportunity to do some shopping and enjoy eating ashore after being stuck onboard in Seriphos. I stayed there three days and then headed north east for Kimolos, with the intention of making my way to Ios to meet up with friends Barry ans Ansha on AB Sea.

Milos to Kimolos 19NM

Kimolos didn’t have much on it but the bay we anchored in was sensational and I was able to get my first photo with my new waterproof drone!

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