Ios: Catching up with A B Sea

I spent a few days in Ios, anchored in Ormos Kolitzani catching up with Barry and Aannsha on AB Sea.

Ormos Kolitzani – Acheron on the right of the image

I met Barry and Aannsha in Kas where they were overwintering in the harbour back in January. We became fast friends and developed a close bond that is common among sailors and less so in ‘normal life’.

They are amongst my sailing heroes. Not because they did the Golden Globe or rounded Cape Horn in a bathtub, but because with zero sailing experience they decided to sell their house, buy a boat and sail around the world. Neither were they people who previously walked across Mongolia or skied to the South Pole. Just ordinary folk who had done a bit of diving and travelling and decided it was time to get out of suburbia. They exemplify the can do attitude which when incorporated with a dream has moved the human race over a few thousand years from living in caves to walking on the surface of the moon (sorry Barry, the moon landings were not faked)! They are also proof that you don’t have to be wealthy to buy a boat and live aboard. Just determined and willing to make a few sacrifices. They have an excellent YouTube channel, Sailing A B Sea and produce a 15 minute video every week recounting their adventures, the good and the bad, sunny days, stormy days, and fixing the broken bits. If you want to know what it’s like to live aboard then I recommend you watch their channel:

Barry and Aannsha working on their YouTube videos on AB Sea

So we talked and laughed a lot, caught up with each other’s news and did our bit to reduce the EU wine lake!

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