Amorgos to Levitha

Leaving Amorgos I continued east heading for the tiny island of Levitha. Sailing past the high cliffs of Amorgos provided not only dramatic views but some serious gusts of the land. The wind stayed good and I had a cracking sail about 3/4 of the way to Levitha before I had to put the motor on.

Amorgos to Levitha 29NM
Sailing past the cliffs of Amorgos

There are a couple of anchorages in Levitha, which is a tiny island with just one taverna, but most people take one of the mooring buoys at the east end of the main inlet. I was interested to see how I would manage to pick up the buoy sailing solo but by luck I managed it first time. I motored up to the buoy into the wind and when I got to within 5 metres put the engine in neutral, locked the wheel, ran forward and picked up the buoy with the boat hook. Fortunately it was flat calm. No doubt it would have been a different storg if there had been much wind.

I got there fairly early and watched many more boats come in till all the buoys were taken. Then a charter boat came in and forlornly motored around trying to find a buoy. So I took pity on them and told them they could raft up with me. Turned out they were Russians from St Petersburg and they invited me onboard for spaghetti bolognese that evening. They were a nice bunch, spoke good english, and we had a very convivial evening!

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