Levitha to Datcha

Levitha to Kalimnos 28NM

Next were two longish legs. Levitha to Kalymnnos, 28 NM and then Kalymnos to Datca, 52 NM. I don’t seem to have much in the way of photographs. I think I was too busy sailing! I anchored just outside the main harbour in Kalymnos, this being easier than tying back on the town quay when I was sailing solo. I checked out of Greece using an agent which costs 50 euros but saves a lot of hassle. Just one night there and was up early the next morning for the 52 mile leg to Datca.

Kalymnos to Datca 52NM
Heading towards Knidos, on my way to Datca

It was a long day and and I got in some quite good sailing on the way, but due to the distance didn’t hesitate to put the motor on when the wind dropped. At Datca I anchored in the east bay and it took a couple of attempts to find a place where the anchor held and I wasn’t too close to other boats. The advantage of checking in to Turkey at Datca is that you do not have to tie up at the town quay for customs and immigration. You can anchor off and they charge a bit extra to cover the cost of them coming out to you. In practice they don’t bother. You just hand all your paper to the transit log agent and he gets everything stamped for you while you have a cup of tea!

I had loved every minute of being in Greece, but it was nice to be back in Turkey on familiar ground.

Back in Datca!