From Datca back to Kas

Data to Kas 222NM

From Datca I headed to Marmaris stopping for a couple of days in Bozukkale. From Ios to Marmaris I had sailed 200 miles solo and had really enjoyed the experience and the challenge. I spent a few days in Marmaris taking advantage of a free berth at Netsel marina, which is part of the Setur group of marinas. While I was there I had a new set of domestic gel cell batteries fitted replacing the lead acid ones which didn’t have enough capacity for my needs. Also a new crew member arrived, Christine, who had been taking part in a long distance swimming competition in Istanbul.

We set of for Ecincik on the 23rd of July and spent the night anchored in the bay. The next day when we left for Gocek it was apparent that the alternator was over charging the batteries. So we returned to Ecincik and I called the company in Marmaris who had fitted the new gel cell batteries and modified the alternator. They came out to Ecincik and we picked them up in the dinghy. They fitted a new regulator and pronounced the problem solved. In fact it wasn’t and we had to get them out the next day for another fix. In the end the problem wasn’t fully fixed until I got the boat back to Kas and they came out and fitted a new uprated battery isolator.

From Ecincik we sailed on the Kukukaga Koyu, Sarsila Koyu and Kapi Koyu in the Gocek area. From there we headed to Fethiye where the water in the bay was lime green coloured due to an algie bloom. Then on to Karacaoeren, Kalkan where Christine left the boat and then solo back to Kas. I got back to Kas on the 3rd of August, having set off on the 26th of April and sailed 1200 miles across the Aegean and back and visited some 27 islands. So it was a good trip with lots of brilliant sailing and no real mishaps. Best of all there was still 3 months sailing left before the end of the summer season!

Getting some shopping from the grocery boat in Kapi Koyu
Seriously large yacht anchored in Fethiye!
Back at Karacaoeren Can Can, the owner took me snorkelling around the bay and collected this oysters, which he cooked for me.

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