Lycian Fine Art Photo Shoot

After the success of last year’s photoshoot with Anne Duffy she decided to return to Kas for a few days so we could get in some sailing and photography.

We started off with an early morning photoshoot at the amphitheatre in Kas and Anne produced a credible ancient Greek costume to pose on top of the amphitheatre with Kastellorizo in the background.

Kas amphitheatre with Kastellorizo in the background

Aftyer that we made a trip down to Kekova and took photos in Aperlai and found an amazing gnarled tree and ruined house. We also took some images around the tombs down by the shore. Anchoring in Sicak Koyu I managed to reverse over the dinghy line and got it wrapped around the prop. I tried a couple of dives to free it but didn’t feel too confident to stay under the hull for long enough to get it entangled. Fortunately friends were on hand on Dilly Dally to finish the job!

Kai Uwe dives under Acheron and frees the prop
On the path to Aperlai from Sicak Koyu

The next day we sailed to Karaloz Koyu and took some photos in the large hole in the rock as you enter the inlet, and a few more mermaid shots around the water’s edge.

Learning to swim with the tail
On the way back to Kas we took the opportunity to do a few shots onboard
Karlaloz Koyu

A couple of days later we took a day sail to a local bay just to relax along with our friend Jens on his boat Dilly Dally.

Rafted up with Dilly Dally. Paddle boards make and excellent floating bar!

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