Sailed 1500NM this summer!

You will have noticed my blog didn’t get updated for a long time.

I’ve been busy sailing around the Greek islands and Turkey and at the same time dealing with a lot of personal stuff, so my blog hasn’t been updated. Sorry! So before this year ends I will endeavour to share some of the most interesting places I’ve been on my 2019 odyssey.

The sailing was fantastic and I discovered many beautiful anchorages and met some lovely people on the way. Just to wet your appetite here is a photo of one of my favourite anchorages in Greece – Prasonisi on Nisos Kimolos.

Taken with my new SwellPro Splash 3 waterproof drone! Having lost my DJI Phantom 3 overboard I invested in the SwellPro which can actually take off and land on water. In fact the best way to launch it from your yacht is to throw it overboard, which to say you least is bit counter intuitive!

So watch this space as over the next few weeks I will be making regular posts to get my blog up to date.