An Quick Trip to Kekova

I’m back in Kas now for the winter. The weather has definitely turned colder with the temperature in the range of 16-22 degrees during the day and the water temperature has dropped to 22 degrees. Still when the sun is out it’s still glorious and a 100% improvement on bonnie Scotland!

From Kas, Kekova is the go to place for a short cruise of 2-3 days. It’s about 20 NM so you can motor there in just over three hours, or if there is some wind, sail there in 4-5 hours. There are loads of superb anchorages with stunning views over still blue water, of islets and mountains, some snow capped, and just east of Ucagiz an impressive hill top fort from the byzantine era.

I left just before mid day, following my friend Jens on his boat, Dilly Dally. There was no wind to start but by half way there was enough to sail at 3 knots and it was so warm I was actually sweating! The wind was coming off the land, on the port quarter and it gradually increased till I was making 4.5 knots. With a flat calm sea, blue sky and green mountains it makes for relaxed sailing and good soul therapy.

Dilly Dally got to the anchorage before me. The holding in the bay next Ucagiz is mud and a good as you can get, so I rafted up to Dilly Dally and we enjoyed a convivial evening starting with G&T’s on Acheron and spaghetti bolognese on Dilly Dally.

Rafted up in Kalekoy

Thank you Jens for your wonderful cooking! Jens had a couple of visitors onboard from the UK, Chris and Kirsty who run a campsite in Gairloch. We had a lovely evening swapping stories. One of the greatest pleasures of sailing is the people you meet.

Enjoying spag bol on Dilly Dally!

The next morning there was no wind at all so we motored back to Kas.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been down to Kekova and back. No doubt I will do it a few more times before I leave Kas for good. Sailing is all about the freedom to see new places, but its always nice to drop in on an old friend.

Leaving Kalekoy in the morning

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