Day Sail Around Kastellorizo

After a few days in the marina, even in winter marina-itis starts to set in. The symptoms are a general feeling of unease, boredom, and a sense that world is not quite as it should be.

The cure is simple. Get out and sail! Remind yourself that your boat is not a floating apartment but is meant to sail. It needs to be set free from the pontoon, like a horse from a stable and taken out for a good gallop!

So I set off to sail around Kastellorizo with friends Corrie and Karsten crewing. There was no wind in the morning but by mid day when we set off it was starting to rise and by the time we got out to the end of the peninsular we had 15-18 knots on the nose. We kept to the north side of the rock between the peninsular and the mainland and were able to make good time on the starboard tack all the way down the west coast of Kastellorizo. Following us was buddy boat Eternity, with Brigitte and Mal. They caught us up as we rounded the southern end of the island and then overtook us.

Eternity hard on our heels!
Acheron rounds the southern end of Kastellorizo

After we gybed to head north back to Kas we had a pleasant downwind sail along the east coast of the island and then picked up some good wind heading through the channel between Kas and the island, hitting 7.5 knots at one point. The day finished with a bit of a race between us, Eternity and Makamae who joined us from the town harbour for the last leg. We came in last abut it was fun watching the other two boats heeled over and going flat out.

It was a perfect day out and we managed to sail the whole way with only a single gybe at the south end of the island. Thanks to Corrie and Karsten for crewing and for the excellent donner duruns (lamb and chicken wraps) for lunch!

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