First lift out in 20 months

Acheron was launched in April 2018 and had not been lifted out since, so it was time to get her into the boatyard to have the hull cleaned and anti fouled, anodes replaced and all the other jobs that are easier done out of the water.

Out she comes!

Once in the boatyard I could take a good look at the hull and check the condition of the antifouling, propeller and anodes.

The prop looks OK.

After the hull had been power washed it was apparent that the anti fouling had completely come off in places exposing primer and in a few spot white gel coat. So we had the hull lightly sanded and a coat of primer applied.

The hull with a coat of primer
Prop re-fitted. nice and shiny!
Hull getting polished. Looking good with the first coat of anti foul applied

Other jobs that were done:New AGM engine start battery fitted. Strip light fitted over cooker. New Victron solar regulator fitted. Full engine service.Gel coat chips repaired on the stern. Sail drive oil replaced. Sail drive shaft machined and re sleeved to remove scored patch that was causing sea water to leak into the sail drive

So she’s back in the water now and looking good! Jobs left to be done in the next month:

Service water maker. Fit 2 new 190 watt solar panels on the arch. Repair gel coat chips on the deck caused by the dinghy when it was stowed on the fore deck

So this is the reality of boat life. The months spent cruising in the sun are wonderful but boats need regular maintenance to keep them tip top. Also if you are living aboard and cruising thousands of miles each season there is more wear and tear on the hull and equipment than if you are a weekend sailor, and you have to keep on top of this or your dream will start to look ragged around the edges!

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