Daysails, Equipment Failures and Self Isolation

It’s been a funny few weeks since my last post. Since Acheron went back in the water the world has gone a bit crazy and all of us are trying to understand and come to terms with the reality of coronavirus.

Back in February I had a fantastic day sail around Kasterlerizo on a lovely sunny day with 22 knots of wind and a flat sea. It was the first outing since Acheron went back in the water and she showed her appreciation of having a clean bottom by making 8.4 knots with 20 knots of wind at 60 degrees!

My friend Corrie at the wheel as we blast around Kasterlerizo

A few days later I set off for Kekova for a few days but as soon as I rounded the peninsula I discovered the mainsail was jammed in the mast. I could see the the shackle which held the clew of the sail to the bottom of the foil had detached and was jamming inside the mast. So I had to motor back to Kas. The techs from the marina rocked up within 15 minutes of my return and took the mainsail off (it had a small tear in the beading at the bottom) and took it away for repair. They brought it back 3 days later repaired and washed and re-fitted it. Last Sunday I set of for Kekova again and anchored in the bay near Ucagiz. It was a lovely downwind sail to get there and I intended to spend a few days there self isolating.

Downwind to Kekova

By now we were starting to see a few restrictions in Kas. Bars and restaurants had been closed and over 65’s were told to stay indoors. At 64 I was not subject to this but felt that I just needed to get away. Everyone is starting to get a bit nervous, reading scary headlines from home (UK, Australia, Germany). However my sojourn was cut short as I discovered when I ran the engine for some hot water it was not charging the batteries. So back to Kas again! The next morning the techs arrived and quickly discovered the problem: a loose connection on a relay in the engine compartment. As soon as that was sorted I decided to head off to the Liminasi (an anchorage on the east side of Kas). I started the engine, cast off the lines, and when I eased the throttle forward the boat reversed onto the pontoon! Another visit from the marina techs! Turned out the cable from the throttle to the gearbox was broken. So that had to be replaced and I finally got away early afternoon to the Liminasi.

Anchored in the Kas Liminasi

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