What’s it all about?

Join me on Acheron!

My vision for Acheron is that many people will come and sail on her, from all over the world. And for each person who sails on her it will be in some way a transformational, healing, and life affirming experience.

Haven’t sailed before? It’s an amazing experience. You will either love it or hate it. Not just a boat moving through the water. Much more. A modern yacht is an engineering marvel, designed to harness the wind and slice through waves. Acheron not only sails well, she looks beautiful. It was always said of aircraft design – looks right, flies right! The same for boats. Eighteen tons of boat moving across the surface of the earth. Powered by the wind. Moving across  a globe spinning on it’s axis, rotating around the sun. The tides powered by the sun and moon’s gravity. The wind by changing temperatures over land and sea. A massive exercise in fluid dynamics. On the helm you are not just guiding the boat across the sea, but through the universe.


Sailing is analogous to life in every aspect. It can be wonderful, idyllic and beautiful, or occasionally terrifying. Sailing skills are like life skills. The more you develop the easier your passage will be, but you always have to be ready for the unexpected. Think on your feet, problem solve. Survive this day to sail/live another day.

Once you are out on the sea, the concerns of the world and modern society retreat. The ‘noise’ of modern life fades. You have time to get your head together and see things from a new perspective. Stepping out from the order of the land into the chaos of the sea builds your confidence. The boat underneath your feet is a living being. You feel her through the wheel, like a horse through the reins. As you feel the wind on your cheek you steer the boat onto the wind and let her go. It’s not like driving a car. And you are aware that you are facing the same elemental forces and harnessing the same skills that mariners have for thousands of years.

In harbour or anchorages you will meet other sailors from all over the world. Overwhelmingly kind and friendly people who are always ready to lend a hand, give encouragement and crack a joke, over a coffee or a beer. The sailing life is not lonely. Far from it. A rich community of people who support each other.

Mostly it’s fun. A good day’s sailing followed by anchoring in a beautiful bay. An afternoon dip in clear blue water. A cocktail as the sun goes down. Talk about the day over dinner in a taverna. Let the sea rock you to sleep that night. Do it all again the next day.